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Why Is 3 Stage Purification System Gold Standard For Window Cleaning For North Colorado

In Colorado we get a lot of sunshine, debris , and oxidation on our windows. The system uses superior purified water that removes all the accumulated dust and grime from the glass window panes without the use of zero chemicals. This is possible with our ultra-pure state of water that has no dissolved solid particles in it. The pure water can easily connects with all impurities on the glass surface. The results from this cleaning method last longer, leave windows cleaner ,and is eco friendly.

It takes longer for oxidation and debris to start building up again on the panes, which guarantees you’ll enjoy the long-lasting clean windows. We use the XERO PURE REVOLUTION on all of our jobs. We recommend getting your windows done 3 times a year with our pure water fed pole system. If you want to learn more about our cleaning techniques see link bellow.

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